Awards and Prizes


Fred Lim Independent Doctors Federation Scholarship 2016 and 2018


Barts & the London Clinical Teacher of the Year (2011)

Dr Simcock receives the award of British Thoracic Society Young Scientist of the Year from president Professor Martyn Partridge in 2007


British Thoracic Society Young Scientist of the Year (2007)


Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand & National

Asthma Council Australia Asthma Prize (2007)


King’s College London School of Medicine Travel Award (2007)


European Respiratory Society Travel Bursary (2007)

Dr Simcock was awarded his PhD following research in the faculty of medicine, Kings College London in 2010


American Thoracic Society International Trainee Award (2006)


British Lung Foundation/Allen & Hanburys

Travel Fellowship (2006)


VWR International/Jencons Industry Travel Bursary (2006)


Guy’s Hospital Prize for Metabolic Medicine (1997)


Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain &

Ireland Undergraduate Prize for Anaesthesia (1996)


Guy’s Hospital Hopkins Prize for Anaesthesia (1995)

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